Askamum story: Oliver and Olivia were 2010’s favourite baby names

Top traditional names remain popular, according to 2010 national statistics released today.

Top 100 baby names for boys and girls in a collage tree

By Soraya Auer

Oliver and Olivia, for the second year running, were the most popular baby names across England and Wales in 2010, according to statistics released today.

The Office of National Statistics’ 2010 list revealed Oliver, Jack, Harry and Alfie kept their top four places on the boys’ list.

Sophie, Emily, Lily and Amelia all rose into the top five spots in the list of girl names but there were no new entries into the top 10.

The fastest rising boy name in the top 100 was Ollie, while Olly was 113.

Despite claims celebrities influence new parents more now than ever, traditional names were very popular.

Olivia took top spot for seven English regions while Sophie was popular in the East and Lily in the South West. Welsh mums favoured the names Oliver and Ruby, possibly influenced by Charlotte’s Church’s three-year-old daughter Ruby. For the boys, Jack was popular in the North East while Oliver came top in eight English regions.

New entries into the boy’s top 100 were Bobby, Caleb, Jenson, Dexter and Kayden, and into the girls’ top 100 were Annabelle, Eliza, Laila, Maryam and Maisy.

Maisy saw the highest rise in popularity, rising from 141 in 2009 to take 100 in 2010. For the boys, Ollie saw the largest rise in the top 100, rising from 115 in 2009 to take 63 in 2010.

The statistics reveal that Alfie, among baby boy names, was the highest climbing new entry to the top 10 in the past decade (It was 53 in 2000). This could have been helped along by the success of Lily Allen’s song Alfie in 2007.

Evie was the highest climbing entry to the girl’s top 10 since 2000 with a rise of 101 places.

Over the past decade in the top 100 lists, boy’s name Kayden rose 1,326 places to 99 and Lexi, for the girls, rose 1,949 to 47.

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